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COVID-19 PCR Swab Home Testing Kit

The cost of the test is £95 per person per test.
Plus an additional £23.75 for postage and handling.

The swab test is simple to carry out and the process consists of 5 easy steps:
  1. 1. Contact us 24/7 on 0207 935 2023 or email us at:
  2. 2. We then send you 2 registration forms to fill out and return to us by email.
  3. 3. The home sample testing kit box will then be sent to you. This includes a PCR throat swab sample kit, name label, laboratory request form, and a return pre-paid mailer to return the test in.
  4. 4. Please follow the instruction sheet included in the testing kit, placing the swab (with the name label affixed) and laboratory request form in the mailer.
  5. 5. The test will then be carried out and your results will be sent to you by email 2 to 3 days of receipt of the sample.

Testing is done by The Doctors Laboratory who are listed on the Capacity Data Site for NHS England. Their results are included in the Countries data and all positives are reported on a daily basis to Public Health England.

The Doctors Laboratory is fully accredited by Public Health England, and is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Services Include:

  • General Problems Affecting Infants:
    Crying, colic, sleeping problems, behavioural issues, slow feeding & feeding difficulties.
  • Gastro-intestinal:
    Cow's milk allergy, constipation, gastro-oesophageal reflux, diarrhoea & abdominal pain.
  • Respiratory:
    Coughs, colds, wheezing, asthma, allergies & recurrent infections.
  • Dermatological:
    Rashes, eczema, dry skin & birth marks.
  • Renal:
    Urinary tract infections & bed wetting.
  • Growth:
    Failure to thrive, poor weight gain, short stature & nutrition.
  • Developmental & Neurological:
    Developmental concerns & delay, plagiocephaly (abnormal head shape), headaches, fits & migraines.
  • Immunisations:
    Both UK & non-UK schedule are available.

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